The future of news: personal, social, real time

Marissa Mayer, VP Google Search, interviewed by Michael Arrington from Techcrunch at Le Web 2009 in Paris.

I will deliver a transscript of what she said later in this post (the conference is still running).

Interesting analysis of the atomization parallels that took place in the music industry (from LP album to itunes song) and news (from newspapers to singular articles). The future (winner) of news delivery will be a service combining personal interest and networks, delivering just in time. This may include comments of people within my network, which suddenly become interesting for a user even after some time, when an issue gets important. Google is looking at how to deliver this…

Marissa did not talk about how the production of news will change because of the changes in delivery…

(this is from memory, transscript will follow)

update: techcrunch of course has a summary of the entire interview (the news part was in fact longer, see video).