„Beyond Free“: Mobile 2.0 startet übermorgen in Barcelona

Übermorgen geht’s los: das European Chapter der Mobile 2.0 findet am 18-19 Juni in Barcelona statt, wobei der developer’s day am Donnerstag ausverkauft ist.

At Mobile 2.0 Europe, we will explore the next big leaps of innovation in mobile for the coming years. Five main themes will be covered during this edition: Openness, Beyond Free, Play, Context and Sense.

Bei TheNextWeb gibt es gratis Tickets für die Mobile20 für den Kommentar oder Tweet mit der besten Definition von Mobile 2.0. Meine Definition habe ich bewusst offen, untechnisch und aus Usersicht formuliert:

Mobile 2.0 means to be connected with the world no matter where you physically are. It is the natural modern lifestyle. Communication with people plus the use of communities who filter and improve personal custom information and services.

Richards Definition ist ausführlicher, technischer und genauer – und länger:

By Richard Caelius on Jun 15, 2009

Mobile2.0 is when the mobile phone becomes the plattform for sharing of data and information in realtime. A constant connectedness with friends through IM, MicroBlogging, Social Networks, Photo and video sharing sites as well as your location based services. Through this connection you will post and receive information that is relevant to you, your friends and your current situation.

Bisher gibt es nur 5 Kommentare / Definitionen / Versuche, die Tickets zu gewinnen – scheint mir recht wenig.  Hier noch ein Rabattcode von MobileMonday (via mobileZeitgeist):

MobileMonday Barcelona is pleased to offer you a special ticket at 249 € for the Friday event! In order to take advantage of this offer, go to http://www.amiando.com/mobile2europe2009.html and enter the promotional code: MobileMonday

Siehe auch die ausführliche Ankündigung von Rudy de Waele, einem der Veranstalter.