Is Apple stealing my iPhone?

I have written about my personal Apple experience before.

On Thursday, I found out by chance that the product ID of my iPhone has been set to invalid during the (failed) swap in the Apple store. After typing in the ID of my iPhone on the „Check Your Service and Support Coverage“ page I got this:

Hello? My product ID is not valid any more????? I had a half year’s support guarantee left (unitl Dec 21).

Now, I understand. With a „not existing“ product ID, it is probably impossible to restore the iPhone successfully. That could be the reason why I did not succeed.

The bad thing is, with a deleted product ID, it is impossible for me to get ANY help from ANY Apple support anywhere.

I don’t understand why the guys in the Apple store in Dallas did not re-activate the product ID. I don’t understand why they did not even tell me that my product ID was not valid any more. I found out by chance, after 10 days of total darkness about what caused my iPhone not to accept my SIM card from one minute to another.

I contacted Apple. I called the phone number from the Apple store in Dallas and talked to an Apple support employee (seemingly not from Dallas) and then to his senior advisor. In total I spent nearly two hours on the phone waiting for solutions. The support people were very friendly. Eventually, the senior advisor  confirmed that the product ID would be restored, but it might take up to 72 hours.

After 74 hours, I still get this:

You can join me in the „game“ and try out my product ID: 87944P243NQ here. If you get a message that it’s working again you are welcome to comment.

I have emailed Apple asking that they immediately restore my product ID.

What if they don’t? I am stuck. I feel like in one of Grisham’s novels. If your number does not exist, you don’t exist. Or your phone. That’s why I say that Apple is „stealing“ my iPhone. Because they took my product ID away and I did not get it back. Let’s see how this continues. Any suggestions?

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