„Spark the conversation!“: Livechat mit Maria Sipka


Zur Einstimmung auf den Community & Marketing 2.0 Summit gab es gerade einen Live-Chat mit Maria Sipka (Linqia, XING, globalbusinesswomen), die eine der Keynote Speaker sein wird.  Maria ist u.a. Gründerin von Linqia mit Zugang zu derzeit 162 Social Networks mit über 300 Millionen Mitgliedern.

Das Interview: Monetarisierung von Social Networks

führte Björn Negelmann, [n:sight] technology and market research.

Q:  What are the payment models for online services?

Maria: Apart from paychannels and advertising models, the most important thing is to engage with members and not just post banner ads.

Q: How to generate revenues?
Maria: Communities should establish deep relationships with brands and advertisers

XING did it right – it’s difficult to start charging premium if you don’t do it from day 1 unless you have sth really premium to offer. 12% were paying premium, dumped to 8 %. But 20-70% of members in premium groups were paying premium membership and more likely to return to the community than those not belonging to premium groups.

If it’s a specific interest, you congregate into groups. If you don’t have an engagement, you don’t have monetization.

US community www.peertrainer.com (launched in 2005) has 75.000 groups and over a 1 million members (20-30.000 visits daily).

Q: how to divide paid members from non paid members?

Maria: You need business intelligence.
For the first three years in XING there was no business intelligence. We felt a need to rely on data that is representative and installed a BI program.

Q: We are still at the beginning of monetarization of social networks?

Maria: 38 billion dollars being spent by companies wanting to reach users through word-of-mouth marketing.
They want to position themselves into the groups.

It’s not about knocking on the door of a community saying I want to spend dollars with you.
It’s about driving VALUE into these groups!
In the upcoming 2-3years, there will be a significant shift!
Syndication will take place.
For example,  Nike will be able to reach into a group and have a conversation with 50.000 members.

The way [to monetize communities] is to spark the conversation among the members!

(way true!)

My question: How do you (Linqia) connect with so many social networks?

There are about 2000 social networks today. Linqia is focusing on networks in Germany, Spain, and other European countries. Currently we are also speaking to mobile social networks in Asia.


Ich habe nicht alles mitgeschrieben, es soll evtl. eine Tonaufnahme oder gar ein Video auf www.community-summit.de geben.

3 Gedanken zu “„Spark the conversation!“: Livechat mit Maria Sipka

  1. Hello Vesna. You’re quick!

    And I’m pleasantly surprised that you were able to extract some valuable information considering the entertainment from our spammers.

    The actual numbers for advertising spend online is:
    • US$38 billion in total (predominantly search)
    • US$1.7 billion word of mouth (inc social media marketing)
    • US$3 billion word of mouth in 2013
    (source: emarketer)


  2. Vesna Gudlin schreibt:

    Hello Maria,

    thank you for adding these interesting figures!

    I was impressed how you managed to ignore the spam and continue answering our questions. :)

    Best regards,

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