#nw09 Nokia World 2009 – Day 1


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Schöner Blogeintrag auf IntoMobile
Excellenter liveblog von @albertcuesta (spanisch)

09.00 Keynote Olli Pekka-Kallasvuo gives an overview over new products and partnerships.


55 Million Nokia users worldwide.

Selected tweets:

  • Nokia World: Aggressive push to developing markets-Nokia Money, Nokia Lifetools and Ovi Mail #NW09
  • AAS Phones, smartphones and mobile computers are three key hardware categories. Diff cat = diff platform. Reach all segments. #nw09

  • @vlingo: #NW09 Vlingo brings mobile voice recognition technology to Europe with availability on the Ovi Store by Nokia
  • joe #nw09 OPK: „Our partnership w/ Microsoft will bring Microsoft software to #Symbian devices“
  • budip OPK: We bring So-Lo (social location) to you. #nw09
  • joe #nw09 OPK: „W/ more than 1.1b users globally we are in a position to connect people on a scale which is almost unimaginable today“

2nd Keynote Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Markets, Nokia

Anssi introduced all the new products and services to a vibrant audience, who digested, tried out, touched and praised them all day long afterwards.



The current driver of mobile services is social media, said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Markets, Nokia

  • damienmulley Nokia segmenting people into various groups, er, not so sure about that, we’re not numbers or segments, merely human #nw09
  • symbianguru We’re not giving up – we’re fighting back – Vanjoki #nw09
  • kalmness Nokia – We are the undisputed leader of the smartphone market #nokiaworld09 #nw09 just now
  • tecfre seems like there gonna be phone announcement now .. #nw09 just now
  • AAS Smartphone space – Some say we’re slipping. e’re fighting back. N97 and 5800 – example of one size does not fit all. #nw09 just now
  • nokiaitalia #nw09 è trending topic su Twitter!
  • ottoaanmaa RT @symbianguru: Heh – we have been getting ‚critique‘ that our smartphones are not competitive – Vanjoki #nw09
  • wasiaFuse #nw09 They are just awful presenters!


Presenting the N97mini designed for social media users who feel that they exist when they are on facebook and communicating everything they do online.

  • thomaslp who cares about the n97 mini!? judging from the forced applauses: none.
  • vanjoki would make sense, should he talk about the n900 maemo #nw09
  • Amabacha 155,000 POIs from Lonely Planet incorporated into Ovi Maps #nw09
  • petterihiisila Sharing is the new sending. #nw09
  • jfourgeaud Lifecasting released! #NW09
  • MobileRoyale RT @nokconv: Vanjoki: Nokia Maps has 155,000 points of interest #nw09
  • smashpop Woot! Firmware 2.0 coming to N97 in October! #NW09
  • mytechnewsinfo Travel guides (Michelin, Lonely Planet, etc) built into Nokia N97/Mini now, making social interaction easier #nw09
  • Nokia Messaging video

Nokia X6 only „Comes with music“. Ca. 450 Euro including unlimited (but DRM-covered) Music downloads.


Nokia Booklet will be 575 Euro only.  Comes with Windows 7 and a 12 hours battery life.

  • @nokconv: Wow, most of the Press just escaped! They got the goods, now it’s time to report I guess #nw09
  • @wasiaFuse #nw09 he’s just killed the sales of N900, telling us to wait for the next one. It’s the event work really badly done

Ovi livecasting für N97, Nokia Messaging und Ovi maps Beta NEU auf Nokia betalabs

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